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EZI-GROOM Evening Primrose Oil Shampoo

EZI-GROOM Evening Primrose Oil Shampoo

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About this product:

Evening Primrose offers a whole host of benefits, from promoting hair growth to resolving skincare issues. Cleaning as it soothes, this shampoo will leave the coat full of moisture, shine and volume while getting rid of odours, dirt, and debris and leaving a very soft fragrance. Evening Primrose Oil is well-known thanks to its many health benefits for both humans and animals, whether it be skincare, haircare or as a vitamin supplement. Making use of Omega 6 and Omega 9 to hydrate and soothe the skin, while promoting hair growth in any areas that need a bit of a boost. Not only will this shampoo soothe and hydrate the skin, it also packs the coat full of moisture, meaning you won't just reduce skin irritation and promote hair growth but will also make sure the coat strengthens to protect against future hair loss, staying lush and full of volume for longer. From the growing range of EZI-GROOM horse care products.

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