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Gbye Gnats

G'Bye G'Nats

G'Bye G'Nats

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About this product:

Safe for humans and horses!

Nature’s Bug Repellent made with Sweetgrass.

Discover the secret of Organic Sweetgrass and its potent power to keep pesky insects like no-see-ums and mosquitoes away.


You’ll say, “G’Bye G’Nats!”

Enjoy your day!

Whether you are a sports enthusiast or just love sitting outside, protect yourself and your family from biting insects with G’Bye G’Nat’s!™ Bug Repellent. Just shake, spray and rub in for best results. Our special formula is safe for your hair & face and does not promote breakouts!

Why Sweetgrass?

Your search for a safe effective bug repellent stops here!

SWEETGRASS has been an important part of the Native American culture for its healing properties and for ceremonial purposes. It is known for its unique sweet aroma and by chance they discovered that it was NATURALLY warding off flying, biting insects. Our blend of organic sweetgrass and 7% pure essential oils in each bottle of G’Bye G’Nats! ™ is making outdoor activities enjoyable and relaxing again.

Purchasing this product supports another local, woman-owned business in the Lowcountry of SC!

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