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Majyk Equipe

Luxury Satin All Purpose Saddle Pad

Luxury Satin All Purpose Saddle Pad

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About this product:

Features: • Luxury Satin Outer. Moisture Wicking/Stay Cool Material •  Durable, High Quality Construction • Extra Padded Saddle Area • Hand Wash & Air Dry • Performance Pad Ideal For Multi Disciplines

Spine is 23", Drop is 21.5" and Length is 26.5" (widest point).

Sold as a single unit.

Experience luxury with the Majyk Equipe Luxury Satin All Purpose Saddle Pad. The ergonomic shape provides comfort for you and your horse, and the pad features a blend of satin, cotton, and breathable cooling material to prevent heat buildup. The moisture-wicking material underneath keeps the horse dry and comfortable. The ergonomic design enhances natural movement and eliminates pressure points. Suitable for all riding disciplines, this pad is perfect for daily use.

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