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Majyk Equipe

Majyk Equipe UV Protection Fly Mask

Majyk Equipe UV Protection Fly Mask

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About this product:

Never Worry About Fly Season Again! This Lightweight Mesh Fly Mask is Ergonomically Designed to Fit Your Horse's Head Snugly and Comfortably. The Mask has Built in UV Protection to protect against harmful UV Rays. Full Coverage on Ears with adjustable straps, the mask is finished with a soft binding that makes for a comfortable experience for your horse. Breathable material construction throughout. Easy to Put on and Off. Available in three colors. Available in Cob/Pony, Horse or Warmblood Sizes. Matching Fly Boots Available.


  • Durable Outer Material
  • Super Lightweight and Water Repellant
  • UV Protective
  • Velcro Closures
  • Double Stitched Finishes
  • Forelock Opening Design
  • Soft Fleece Binding around Nose

Sold as a single unit

Hose and hang to dry

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