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Purvida Barrier Balm

Purvida Barrier Balm

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Barrier Balm - Natural Skin Salve for Horses

Key Benefits

  • Maintains the Skin's Physical Barrier: Our science-backed blend of soothing natural ingredients helps preserve the skin's physical barrier, providing protection from irritants and preventing dryness.
  • Sanitizes, Soothes, & Shields: to create a shield of natural defenses for the skin, helping to keep skin healthy.
  • Promotes Healthy Hair Growth: Lemongrass and Myrrh essential oils work to promote healthy hair growth, restore your horse's coat, and minimize scarring.
  • Antibiotic-Free, Steroid-Free, & Allergen-Free: The Barrier Balm is free from antibiotics, steroids, and allergens, ensuring gentle yet effective application that won't sting. 
  • Easy & Sanitary Application: Packaged in a 100ml bottle with an airless pump, the Barrier Balm offers convenient and hygienic application.

More Information

The Barrier Balm uses a science-backed blend of soothing natural ingredients that can be applied to the skin to help maintain its physical barrier, provide protection from irritants and prevent the skin from drying out. Perfect for the everyday bump & scrape, fungal issues, and more. Check out the benefits of our carefully selected blend below: 

Avocado Oil: Nourishes and Protects the Skin: Avocado oil provides essential nutrients, vitamins, and fatty acids that nourish the skin, keeping it healthy and moisturized. Sanitizing Properties: Avocado oil possesses natural sanitizing properties, helping to keep the skin clean and free from irritants.
Soothes the Skin: With its soothing properties, avocado oil helps calm and relieve skin irritations, promoting a healthy skin barrier.

Jojoba Oil: Maintains Skin Health and Hydration: Jojoba oil closely resembles the skin's natural sebum, making it an excellent moisturizer that helps balance oil production and keep the skin hydrated. Supports the Skin's Natural Defenses: By maintaining optimal skin health, jojoba oil helps strengthen the skin's natural defenses against environmental stressors.

Andiroba Oil: Protective Properties: Andiroba oil has natural protective properties that shield the skin from external factors, maintaining its integrity and preventing damage. Maintains Skin Well-being: With its emollient properties, andiroba oil helps maintain the overall health and well-being of the skin.

Lemongrass Essential Oil: Promotes Healthy Hair Growth: Lemongrass essential oil stimulates hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth, contributing to a lustrous and vibrant coat. Infuses Protective Botanicals: Lemongrass essential oil infuses the balm with protective botanicals that support the skin's health and appearance.

Myrrh Essential Oil: Wound Healing: applying Myrrh oil topically aids in the regeneration of skin cells and promotes the healing process of minor cuts and scrapes. It can help protect the affected area from infection and reduce the risk of scarring. Antiseptic and Antifungal: It has natural antiseptic properties that prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi on the skin, helping to keep it clean and combat fungal issues. Anti-inflammatory and Moisturizing: Myrrh essential oil soothes inflamed skin, reduces redness and swelling, while also providing moisturizing benefits, promoting overall skin health.

These natural ingredients work synergistically in the Barrier Balm to provide a range of benefits, from nourishing and protecting the skin to promoting healthy hair growth and maintaining overall skin health.

Packaged in a convenient 100ml bottle with an airless pump, application is simple, hygienic, and mess-free. 

Proudly antibiotic-free, steroid-free, allergen-free & made in the U.S.A.  

Note: natural products don't use chemicals to adjust the product consistency. Please store in a cool, dry place for best results. 

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