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Purvida Green N' Clean Natural Horse Shampoo

Purvida Green N' Clean Natural Horse Shampoo

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About this product:

Purvida's natural shampoo for horses and dogs: finally, the perfect natural bathing solution! Our Green N' Clean Equine Shampoo is highly concentrated, meaning you get more by using less..over 25 baths in just a single bottle to be exact. Just a cap-full of our natural shampoo into a small bucket of water or a bathtub is all you need to get your horse or dog looking show ring ready--gently and thoroughly cleans, removing all traces of stains, dirt, grease, and odors, while soothing the skin. Natural ingredients work with our special essential oil blend to reduce static and promote healthy, conditioned, glossy results every time:

Key Benefits of our Natural Horse Shampoo

  • Concentrated formula of our natural shampoo makes rinsing out the suds a breeze and is a powerful spot treatment on those tough-to-get stains 
  • pH balanced to ensuring that hair cuticles stay closed, preventing bacteria growth and moisture loss, taming frizz and reducing static.
  • Plant-based surfactant means our natural shampoo won't dry out your horse's or dog's coat, and is gentle on even the most sensitive skin  


Coconut Oil - removes all traces of dirt and grime, leaving the coat clean, soft, and manageable 

Keratin - a key protein in promoting hair growth and an important component of hair, hooves, and skin 

Vitamin B5 - promotes a healthy, vibrant coat 

Essential oil blend - leaves a fresh, lasting aroma derived from Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, and Sweet Orange essential oils. 

Directions: pour approximately  3-5ml of shampoo into a bucket and mix with approximately 7.5 litres/2 gallons of water. Apply soapy mixture with sponge and rinse thoroughly. Concentrated formula can be applied directly to stains for quick and easy stain removal -- massage into stain for 30 seconds, leave for 3-5 minutes & rinse. 

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