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Uvex Exxential II MIPS Helmet – Black Matte

Uvex Exxential II MIPS Helmet – Black Matte

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About this product:

The uvex exxential II MIPS sets new standards in terms of lightness, comfort and safety. For the first time, the sporty all-rounder features the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), which provides additional protection against rotational forces in the event of a lateral or oblique impact.

More safety is not possible. The uvex exxential II MIPS combines the lightness of an in-mould helmet with the tried and tested Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. The MIPS, developed in Sweden, pursues the idea of protecting the human brain from rotational movements in the event of an accident. For this purpose, the uvex exxential II MIPS has a movable second shell mounted between the inner padding and outer shell in the helmet, which rests directly on the head. The height and width of the riding helmet can be adjusted with the uvex 3D IAS system for an optimum fit. The safety plus: if the rider hits the ground at an angle during a fall, the resulting rotational force is not transferred to the head but is dissipated by the movement of the MIPS inner shell. In addition, the ergonomic helmet design with a low-cut helmet shell at the back of the head guarantees additional impact protection. Particularly clever: the ponytail cut, which makes wearing the helmet with long hair even more comfortable.


  • Lightweight helmet construction with maximum impact strength thanks to the inseparably joined shell of the EPS inner layer and the polycarbonate outer layer
  • Greater safety and greater damping capability in oblique impact scenarios with strong rotational movements thanks to built-in MIPS technology combined with the unique, integrated uvex height adjustment
  • Optimum adaptation to the circumference and the shape of your head thanks to the adjustable uvex IAS 3.0 system incl. height adjustment
  • The FAS webbing can be easily and freely adjusted exactly to the shape of your own head
  • Optimized air circulation through cleverly designed ventilation openings

Made in Germany

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